Camp Registration

Summer Camps 2016

Horseback riding and associated activities are potentially dangerous. Horses are large, strong animals, which are unpredictable. You may fall off, be kicked, bitten, stepped on, or otherwise injured by a horse, or while engaged in horse related activities. Please do not sign this form unless you are prepared to assume the risk of possible injury to yourself and/or your family, or property.

Inconsideration of the use of the facilities as a boarder, guest, visitor, or rider (hereinafter “Rider”) in connection with boarding horseback riding lessons, recreational riding activities (hereinafter “Horsemanship activities”), the undersigned Rider (and if under 18 years of age, Rider’s parent or guardian), intending to be legally bound, hereby waives and releases any and all rights and claims which may occur to Rider against South Coast Training Stables and it’s employees and agents, for any injury or property damage which may be sustained or suffered by Rider in connection with such horsemanship activities occurring on or off the premises.

This release of Liability form is intended to discharge South Coast Equestrian, DBA Jessica Odom, it’s employees and agents forever from any liability to Rider, Rider’s personal representatives, heirs, successors, or assigned arising out of Rider’s participation in such horsemanship activities, and shall be binding upon the personal representative, heirs, successors and assignees of Rider.

Rider states that he/she is physically fit to participate in horsemanship activities, is of lawful age, and legally competent to sign the Release of Liability form, or that it has been signed on behalf of Rider by Rider’s parent or guardian, with whom Rider has discussed his/her proposed horsemanship activities.


BEGINNER (little or no riding experience or lacks confidence)NOVICE (can ride a gentle horse at a walk, perhaps trot a little)INTERMEDIATE (can walk, trot, canter but needs to improve skills)ADVANCED (previous experience and instruction, good form & control)