The Surprising Health Benefits of Horse Riding Lessons

Riding horses has more advantages than you may think! Learn about the surprising health benefits of horse riding lessons here. Horses have played an important role in the history of mankind for the last 5,000 years. Nowadays, we have machines to do most of the work they used to perform, but we’ve kept horses around […]

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Understanding Your Horse’s Body Language

A horse’s body language will tell you several important things while riding or getting ready to ride. Learn telltale signs of your horse’s mood. Do you wish your horse could understand what you’re saying? Or, do you wish that you could make sense of all of your horse’s neighs and whimpers? Just because you can’t […]

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Horseback Riding San Diego Style

If you are looking for a freeing adventure we recommend going horseback riding San Diego style. Find out what it’s all about in our essential guide. San Diego has a rich horse history. Some of the earliest horses to roam North America lived right here. Today, many riders enjoy the company of horses in this […]

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9 Amazing Benefits of Children Riding Horses

Looking for kids’ activities? The 9 amazing benefits of children riding horses will show you that horse riding lessons are a great choice. Has your child just asked you for a pet horse again? Okay, so it may not be an option to buy and take care of a horse yourself. But that doesn’t mean […]

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