Planning Family Fun: 6 Reasons to Go Horseback Trail Riding in San Diego

6 Reasons to Go Horseback Trail Riding in San Diego

Are you looking for the perfect family activity? Here are 6 reasons to go horseback trail riding in San Diego this weekend!

Who doesn’t love horses? Almost everyone appreciates these beautiful animals, and most people will get on for a ride when offered a chance to do so.

Horseback trail riding is relaxing and fun, and it gives you a chance to connect with a gentle creature while enjoying the scenery and your surroundings. Trail rides are a grand adventure for the whole family, and many enjoy them while on vacation or even on a pleasant summer day or cool weekend evening local to where they live.

There are horses in every city, town, state, and region of our country, but some places seem to be more “horsey” than others. Perhaps you have been on a trail ride somewhere in the mountains or deserts of the west, thereby invoking imagery of cowboys and pioneers from days of old. Or, maybe you have ridden a horse through the autumn leaves of our nation’s northeast while marveling at the colors and the silent falling leaves.

One place you might not have thought of when imagining yourself in the saddle is southern California, but it’s a perfect place for a ride. The San Diego area, in particular, has a number of incredible trails that are perfect for this sort of adventure.

Six Reasons to Trail Ride Near San Diego

Read on to learn why San Diego is a great place for trail riding and why trail riding is great for both the horse and the rider, and you’ll surely be inspired to get out there soon. South Coast Equestrian at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar offers horseback trail riding to guests and other interested parties six days a week, and we’d love to take you out with us. 

1. Horseback Trail Riding Is Good for You

There are so many different reasons that riding horses on the trail is good for you.

First of all, it’s a de-stressor. It’s a way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the work-week and to enjoy some time in nature with a four-legged friend. Atop his or her back you will see things from a new perspective. You will listen to your mount’s breath and you will hear the birds singing. Take a deep breath of fresh air and forget about your problems.

Second, horseback riding is good for you physically, too. You may not think that horseback riding is exercise, but it is. Staying in the saddle requires core strength, balance, and flexibility, and you’ll likely feel an improvement in all of these things the next day.

2. It’s Also Good for the Horses

Horseback trail riding is also good for the horses we ride so even if you’re not doing it for yourself, do it for the horses. Taking trail riders for a ride gives horses mental stimulation and also helps them to improve balance, build muscle tone, and helps them adjust to the many distractions out there. Horses are often spooked by unfamiliar sights and sounds, so by taking them out on the trail, you can help them to learn about and thereby adjust to the big confusing world around them.

3. San Diego’s Terrain Is Diverse and Beautiful

San Diego is a great place to ride horses. Certainly, when you think of San Diego, you likely think of the sprawling suburbs and neighborhoods that surround our downtown area. However, San Diego is so much more than that. The mountains and hills and forests that surround America’s Finest City are unique and breathtaking every single month of the year, and there’s nothing in the world quite like a San Diego sunset from atop a horse.

4. Horseback Riding On the Beach Is Unforgettable

San Diego is also known for its beaches and if you have the opportunity to ride a horse on the beach here or anywhere in the world, it will be an experience that you never, ever forget. Riding a horse along the shore while you listen to the relaxing sound of the waves and the seagulls calling from above will put you immediately at ease. Looking back and seeing the horse’s footprints in the sand dissolving in the surf is relaxing imagery that will stay with you for years to come.

5. Enjoy Perfect Southern California Weather

It’s not always sunny in southern California, but it almost always is. One of the many things that draw people to San Diego for vacation or for permanent residence is the amazing and nearly perfect climate. Every day in San Diego is a beautiful day. The temperature is always pleasant; it is rarely below 44 degrees or above 84.

6. Horseback Trail Riding Creates Connections

One of the most awesome things about horseback trail riding is the fact that it creates important connections. Any time you get atop a horse you will immediately feel a direct and intense connection to that animal. After all, when you are riding a horse and are sitting in the saddle, you and the horse are one.

Furthermore, horseback riding on the trail helps you to make connections with your loved ones. A shared trail ride with the whole family is something that will bring you together in a way that nothing else can. You will remember your San Diego trail ride for years to come and it will become a part of your family’s history. There is something special about trail riding as a family, and if you haven’t experienced it before, the time has come.

Come Ride With Us

As you can see, there are so many wonderful reasons to try horseback trail riding in the San Diego area. Our guides are very experienced and our horses can’t wait to meet you. If you want to ride with us at Southcoast Equestrian at the Fairmount Grand Del Mar, please contact us today. You will need a reservation and you will need to wear closed-toed shoes or boots, but we provide everything else. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we look forward to riding with you soon.